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Mechanical Process Engineer H/F en Italie

04-01-2024 11:00   Offres Emploi International   Autre   13 vues Référence: 517941

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Join us and BE a pioneer for a green transport revolution.Automotive Cells Company (ACC) is one of Europe's newest and most exciting high-tech companies. Backed by Saft-Total, Stellantis-Opel and Mercedes-Benz, ACC is set to power the future of the automotive industry by innovating in battery technology.

We aim to produce sustainable, affordable, high-capacity, longer-life batteries as a cleaner alternative to current energy sources. We have created an R&D center and new state-of-the art facility in France (New Aquitaine), and we are building gigafactories in Hauts de France, Germany and Italy.

We need a range of skilled and agile people to bring our vision to life, especially in the areas of industrialization, mechanical design, testing/prototyping and any other function of a new-born company. If you're looking to take your career further than you imagined, if you're passionate about creating cleaner transport, we'd like to hear from you.

Accelerating sustainable mobility for all.The expected candidate has solid experience and skills in Mechanical processes, most preferred in the field of Li-B manufacturing (notching, stacking, cell assembly).

Main missions :

  • To work with the Pre-project team, on sizing the factory, depending on products/volumes to BE produced
  • To write the technical specifications to make the best technical choice for equipments
  • To take part in the Design of Equipment, with the central Industrial team
  • To assist Equipment Suppliers during the installation & ramp-up of manufacturing plants
  • To know about the most impacting parameters on the process (or put in place the Design of the Experiment to define them)
  • To put in place and follow Indicators (technical losses, Overall Equipment Efficiency) on Chemical equipment, and ensure IT is at Target
  • To propose improvements to reach specifications or to BE more stable (better yield)
  • To agree with the R&D team and Industrial team from the central team, process parameters to BE applied on equipment, in case new products are to BE deployed on Mass Production

From a technical point of view :

  • To have experience in Li-B manufacturing (notching, stacking, cell assembly). and know well which products or parameters will impact the quality
  • To have experience in automation, welding, assembly processes
  • To know Spare parts
  • To follow Equipment Suppliers during the installation & ramp of equipment
  • To put in place and follow Indicators (technical losses, Overall Equipment Efficiency) on mechanical equipment, and ensure IT is at Target
  • In case of deviation, to participate on Problem Solving
  • To identify any risk in terms of cost, quality in case of new product to BE manufactured and anticipate these risks on the equipment itself and adapt process accordingly.
  • Continuously improves the working processes to reach the best level of industrial performance of the line (OEE, Scrap, Transformation Costs).
  • Guarantees, with Industrialization support, that all the equipment run at targeted cycle time; with Maintenance support that all breakdowns are solved and that preventive maintenance plan is applied; KPI : cycle time, OEE

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Date de Début
4 janvier 2024
Type de Travail

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